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Preparing for Your Audition

In the following section, you'll find charts and audio files that will help you learn the two songs for your audition. Please prepare both songs for your instrument of choice, and then move on to the next section of the audition process. 

FOR VOCALS: Please prepare both songs, one singing lead and one singing harmony

Who Is Like The Lord

Full Band Recording

Instrument Specific Tutorials

Ancient Gates

Full Band Recording

Instrument Specific Tutorials


Record Your Audition

Video Requirements
  • Before you record, be sure your camera view is horizontal NOT vertical

  • Introduce yourself

  • If applicable, quickly display equipment (instrument, pedals, etc.)

  • Play along with the audio files below for each song

  • Make sure your instrument AND the click track can be clearly heard in your recording  (This is so we know you are following the click track​)

  • If auditioning for multiple instruments please make a separate video

Audio for Recording

Who Is Like The Lord

Ancient Gates

Lary Lee - _DSC4254.JPG

Upload Your Audition

Video Upload Guidelines
  • Submit video to YouTube

  • Under privacy settings, select "unlisted"

  • Title the video: "Your Name - Cypress Audition"

  • When the video is uploaded, copy and paste the link below:

You're done! Thanks for applying to the Cypress Worship Team. We will get back to you ASAP!

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